Coming Unbuttoned by James Broughton

New edition! Features a new Foreword by writer-activist Mark Thompson and includes uncensored chapters

With Broughton's puckish humor, this new edition of COMING UNBUTTONED recalls his journey from childhood into an avant-garde world of artists. His groundbreaking films were championed by Jean Cocteau and Maya Deren, and he wrote poetry in company with Robert Duncan. Frank and witty, this edition features a new Foreword and never-before-published material.
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About the Book

“Broughton writes with disarming frankness about his 80 years as an artist and as a human being seeking wholeness.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Follow your own weird.” – James Broughton

With James Broughton’s puckish humor, COMING UNBUTTONED recalls his journey from early childhood and military school, following his muse (named Hermy) into an avant-garde world of poets, artists, and filmmakers. His groundbreaking films were championed by Jean Cocteau and Maya Deren, and he wrote poetry in company with Robert Duncan and Alan Watts. On these frank and witty pages, he gives firsthand witness to life in the artistic underground from the 1940s into the ’90s as he becomes an icon of the gay counterculture, culminating with his winter-years’ romance with Joel Singer, the love of his life.

This Query Books edition contains a new Foreword by Mark Thompson, author of Gay Spirit; and two never-before published, unexpurgated chapters.

Genre: LGBTQ
Publisher: Query Books
Publication Year: 2016
Format: paperback
ASIN: 1944507019
ISBN: 9781944507015

List Price: 17.95
eBook Price: 14.99
"James Broughton was a trickster...James was one of the major poetic voices of gay liberation. And he did it by talking about ecstasy and joy."
"He was probably the most flirtatious man I've ever met."
– Pauline Kael, author of I Lost It at the Movies
"James will continually be rediscovered as this golden secret of West Coast bohemia. He was an outsider's outsider, under the Underground."
– Neeli Cherkowski
"I see him in the visionary tradition of Blake, Whitman, Ginsberg. But where Whitman alludes to the pleasures of the flesh, Broughton was someone who lived them."
– Don Kilhefner, founder of the Gay Liberation Front, Los Angeles
"He was so pioneering in being playful."
– Keith Hennessy (artist, director of Circo Zero)
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