A Valentines’ Month Promotion: Who Would You Want in Your “Bed”?

The Culture Wars heated up between WWII and the end of the Vietnam War. During that era of conformity and repression, one short film by a queer poet created a jolt– and provided a type of reprieve.

In 1967, during the “Summer of Love,” avant-garde filmmaker/poet James Broughton made The Bed.

This 20-minute film classic was the first non-pornographic US film with full nudity, not merely frontal but in every variety and combination. Though many film processors refused to print it for fear of censors, The Bed eventually became a must-see underground film and a hit at midnight movies everywhere.

An old metal bed rolls down a hill, and is sequentially populated with a potpourri of beauties of all ages, including a coterie of young dance students, famous artists and avant-garde celebrities.

See James Broughton’s The Bed in its entirety FREE HERE, only during this Valentines promotion (through February 28, 2017). Then answer either of these two questions to win real cool prizes!

1) How many of the famous people in Broughton’s small masterpiece can you name, and why they matter to you? Hint: all are mentioned in his newly re-published memoir, Coming Unbuttoned, and almost all in Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton, the award-winning feature-length documentary.

or 2) What people would you choose to be in The Bed if it were yours to share? They can be living, fictitious, or from history (including your own).

First prize: a DVD copy of Big Joy the feature film and the Coming Unbuttoned book, Broughton’s republished memoir.

Second prize: Coming Unbuttoned book.

Third prize: Big Joy movie.

Winning entries and top runner-ups will be posted on our Big Joy Facebook page and Big Joy Twitter as well as Query Books’ Facebook.

Plus all who enter the contest will receive an electronic version of James Broughton’s poem “Song of the Bed,” written alongside The Bed.

Winners to be judged on content and creativity. So yes, feel free to add your personal commentary.

This promotion is brought to you jointly by Query Books, new publisher of classic LGBTQ literary gems (Coming Unbuttoned is available in softbound or e-book versions) and Frisky Divinity Productions, whose award-winning documentary Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton is now available for educational acquisition as well as home DVD and on-demand.

Your list of Bed occupants can be emailed to Ken HERE beginning February 10 and ending on February 28, 2017.

And if you fall in love with The Bed you may want to fall even deeper into the story of this poet, lover and filmmaker, James Broughton, who participated in the cultural politics and arts underground of the US and Europe in every decade from his college days in the 1930s to Gay Liberation throughout the ‘90s.

Now, see you in The Bed!