Thank you! The success of out Kickstarter campaign is owed to so many

First, thanks to you!

To all those who pledged, who Liked and Shared on Facebook, re-tweeted, and all that jazz: this is something that you made possible. We enlisted your enthusiasm and your passion for these books. You made a commitment to Query Books, giving us your trust and your energy to make it all come true. We can’t thank you enough.

Query Books has a volunteer team helping with key elements of the campaign. Michael Starkman did the Query Books logo and design elements. Nathaniel Walters took the raw footage of me droning into a camera and made it watchable! Meg Murray aka Profundity had lots of good advice for the campaign, provided the Drag Queen Coloring Book as a perk, and helped us get some of the videos. Nick Barber had tech advice and social media advice, and oh-so-much enthusiasm. Marcus Perry also helped to handle social media, particularly anything Instagram. And Michael McNamara, who so believed this could work, brought us several of our video PSA’s and celebrity tweets. These people all volunteered their time because of their faith that this is a good project and deserves to succeed.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 9.56.58 AMThanks to all those who recorded our video PSAs, including everyone on our campaign team, and also Mr. David aka Glamamore; Grace TowersMx. Justin Vivian Bond; Dr. Carol QueenLynnee BreedloveJim ProvenzanoVirgie TovarKeith HennessyMasen Davis; and Mutha Chucka.

Most of all, I have to thank Mark Freeman, who spear-headed and cat-herded this campaign to success. It’s not in my DNA to do an in-your-face campaign like the kind you have to do on Kickstarter. Mark assigned tasks; reminded everyone about deadlines and guidelines; made phone calls to people who might help; co-wrote social media posts and edited emails; and he filmed some of the videos you shared online. He encouraged, cajoled, and inevitably pleaded with me ‘to do this’ or ‘say that’ and pushed us to make this happen, even on the most discouraging days when it seemed impossible that we might make our goal. Love u, Mark!

Thank you all.