Passing It On

Know a Generation Gap that needs crossing? How about that gap between new parents and kids and older queens? Here is one of my favorite events, one we came up with for SF Pride.

In this picture, it’s Mutha Chucka doingdrag queen story time Drag Queen Storytime at Books Inc in the Castro! Check out the smiles on the soft-butch mom and the way her kid is grooving on it. You gotta love bookstores for creative community.

They are among of the few places we still have where all types— queer and non, whippersnappers and curmudgeons, magazine fashion-folks and classic lit-people, every binary and all those in between and beyond them—come together in a non-virtual setting.

Books, either e- or paper and print, are a means of transmitting community. We are proud to be part of that tradition, and to take it to new places.

Yes, Query Books is about passing on LGBT culture and history to the next generation. We will be curating our new series to spotlight works to share between the binaries, and also bring the “insider’s” experience to a public that is newly open to all things queer.

Please help us build our outreach by sharing this with your extended family, friends and lists.

We are very close to announcing our first title, and sharing the graphic design of the series!

Meanwhile, are there books that were incredibly important to you that may no longer be easily available? Or classic LGBTQ kid books that you’d like to see brought back into print? Message us on Facebook!