Query Books is born!

One afternoon I was hosting an author brunch event for a well-known writer. She was telling me that her first book, a classic lesbian novel from the 1990s, was out of print and her publisher didn’t want to redo it.

The conversation made me curious. When I got back to my office, I looked up a number of books that I remembered as popular, important or classic LGBT titles. It was surprising how many were no longer available.

It got me thinking, why not try to republish some of these books? Some of them are amazing pieces of writing, or fascinating little time-capsules of people’s lives. There could be a whole generation of readers out there who haven’t yet had the chance to know these books, and there certainly would be academic programs interested in their history. We could do print and digital (most of these books have never been published as e-books!) and definitely as a curated series.

And so Query Books is born!